Cooling system Trateo Ltd.

The role of the cooling system is to maintain the optimum engine temperature. The cold engine does not work fully, we can observe it especially in winter with compression ignition engines. The right temperature engine has a significant influence on the condition of the fuel-air mixture and its combustion. The higher operating temperature interfere with the combustion process and the higher emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon oxides. The optimum temperature for cooling fluid is 85-90 degrees Celsius, measured at the outlet from the engine.
The most important part of the cooling system is the radiator, which is designed to drain the heat from the cooling fluid. The coolant flow is made possible by the water pump located in the engine, the impeller of which penetrates into the interior of the motor, which starts the flow of liquid. Liquid ejected from the engine is directed directly to the radiator. The liquid in it loses heat through the rush of air that falls into it. If the outside air does not cool the board to optimum temperature of the liquid, radiator fan assisted, usually electric, activated when the temperature of the liquid reaches the boiling point. The cooled liquid returns to the circuit, goes to the engine and starts another cycle.